Established Atlanta Labor and Employment Attorneys Protect Legal Rights in the Workplace

Drawing upon nearly 200 years of combined experience to serve clients in Georgia and nationwide

Our firm, DeLong, Caldwell, Bridgers, Fitzpatrick, & Benjamin, LLC, handles employment and labor cases exclusively. We have one overriding goal — to put our clients in the best position to achieve just results under the law and to take all measures necessary to protect their rights. With more than 200 years of combined experience, our lawyers are well versed in the intricacies of employment and contract law and provide effective counsel to clients on both the management and employee side of legal issues affecting the workplace.

“Working with DeLong, Caldwell, Bridgers, Fitzpatrick, and Benjamin was truly an amazing experience. It was my first time retaining the services of an attorney and I found them to be accessible, knowledgeable, and honest. Specifically, Mitchell Benjamin took excellent care of my affairs with a heart for honesty and integrity. I highly recommend this office, not only for their expertise but for the care in practicing it.” -K.B.

Supporting solutions for complex labor and employment matters

Our lawyers take on a wide range of cases involving the law of the workplace, including.

  • Wage and hour — We represent employees in claims for unpaid wages, including alleged failure to pay minimum wage or overtime. We also defend employers against such claims and provide counsel on best practices for keeping in compliance with wage and hour laws.
  • Family and medical leave — Our attorneys counsel employees and employers on the protections afforded by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). We bring and defend against claims of eligibility for medical leave benefits or for post-leave reinstatement.
  • Discrimination — Federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, citizenship status or genetic information. We counsel to employers on best practices for compliance and advocate for employees claiming violation of their rights.
  • Whistleblowers — Federal and state laws shield certain employees from retaliation for seeking to enforce legal rights or for engaging in legally protected activity. We are committed to advocating for whistleblowers and defending companies against unwarranted claims.
  • Executive Employment Contracts — Our employment law attorneys have ample experience negotiating and reviewing executive employment contracts and compensation packages to help our clients to meet their business and career goals.
  • Noncompete Agreements — Our employment attorneys negotiate noncompete agreements on behalf of businesses and employees so a separation can occur smoothly without an inordinate disruption to either side.
  • Contract Disputes — Our experience representing both employers and employees places us in an advantageous position to understand both sides and press for a timely, cost-effective resolution to all contract disputes.

Our attorneys are skilled advocates, ready to protect your rights through litigation in state and federal court whenever necessary. We are also adept at achieving positive results for our clients through alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation.

Protecting the rights of the people who protect us

Our firm proudly represents sheriff’s deputies, firefighters and other first responders, who risk their lives daily in the line of duty in serving our communities. These brave men and women who protect us at great risk to themselves deserve the utmost protection on the job. Our seasoned attorneys understand the unique employment concerns of police officers and firefighters and are ready to represent them.

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