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Popular Pizza Restaurant Settles with US DOL

From the Atlanta Business Chronicle: The owner of a popular Atlanta pizzeria accused of cheating workers out of pay for years and threatening them if they cooperated with a federal investigation into his business conduct has agreed to pay 60 employees a total of $329,445 for violating their wage rights under the Fair Labor Standards […]

Understanding Georgia Wage Disputes

Wage disputes arise in a variety of situations. When an employer fails to pay an employee the wages or overtime they expect, those employees have recourse under employment law. When a union is collectively bargaining with an employer and a wage dispute arises, this fall under a branch of employment law known as “labor law.” […]

New Statistics Show a Rise in FLSA and FMLA Employment Lawsuits

2014 saw a jump in the number of filings under both the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Family Medical Leave Act. This increase is attributed to multiple factors, including increased awareness of the rights of employees who have been subjected to unlawful actions by employers. During the 2014 calendar year, 8,086 Fair Labor Standards […]

Department of Labor Proposes Dramatic Changes to the Salary Test in overtime Exemption Questions.

By Michael A. Caldwell: The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed new regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that will dramatically increase the number of employees who must be paid overtime. Up until now, employees who earned a “genuine salary” $455.00 per week (or $23,660.00 per year) could qualify as exempt if […]


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