Employment Attorneys for Georgia First Responders Handle a Range of Claims

Experienced Atlanta representatives pursue fair pay and treatment for emergency workers

Georgia’s first responders put their lives on the line for the public every day. For that, our police, firefighters, EMTs and ambulance drivers deserve our utmost respect. At DeLong, Caldwell, Bridgers, Fitzpatrick, & Benjamin, LLC, our Atlanta attorneys believe that respect should and must extend to treatment in the workplace. As employment lawyers, we work tirelessly to ensure that our first responder clients receive every benefit of the law and their collective bargaining agreements. When a conflict arises, we are ready to advocate for their rights and fight for a just resolution.

Dedicated lawyers safeguard first responder rights under the Fair Labor Standards Act

Passed in 1938 and frequently amended, the Fair Labor Standards Act is the landmark federal law that established a minimum wage, a forty-hour work week, and rules for overtime. However, the application of FLSA to first responders is often complicated, given the nature of work schedules and tasks. The government entities that employ first responders often argue that employees didn’t qualify for overtime under the defined work period or are exempt from overtime rules because they have supervisory roles. This can be an honest mistake or a deliberate attempt to reduce costs on the backs of employees. Either way, your rights are at stake, and it’s time to consult an unpaid wage lawyer. Our FLSA attorneys are ready to fight for your right to the overtime pay you have earned already and may earn in the future.

Determined advocates advise on a range of first responder employment issues

Similar to workers in the private sector, first responders face a wide range of employment issues, which include:

  • Discrimination — Hiring policies for first responders may discriminate unlawfully based on gender, race, ethnicity or other factors. . For example, uniform policies that forbid religious garb might unreasonably infringe on a worker’s right to free exercise of religion. Arbitrary hiring and promotion policies that have a disparate impact on protected classes may also violate the law. Our employment lawyers are prepared to fully investigate your circumstances to determine whether unlawful discrimination has occurred.
  • Sexual harassment — First responder positions have traditionally been a male domain. While women have often faced quid quo pro and hostile work environment harassment on the job, there have also been cases of female superiors harassing workers and of same-sex harassment. Our lawyers can advise you on decisive steps to end the harassment and help you recover compensation when appropriate.
  • FMLA violations — Under federal law, workers may be entitled to family and medical leave to deal with their own health situation or that of a loved one. If you’ve been wrongly denied leave you’re entitled to, our legal team is prepared to help.

For these and other state and federal employment law violations, trust our firm to advocate strongly for you.

Capable counselors hold employers accountable for collective bargaining agreement violations

Many first responders, including police and firefighters, are union workers with rights under their respective collective bargaining agreements. When an employer violates a CBA, the affected worker or workers have a right to file a grievance. However, for your claim to go anywhere, it’s often necessary to have an experienced labor law attorney review the situation and draft your claim. Our firm handles a range of CBA complaints, including:

  • Sick leave
  • Travel time compensation
  • Denied expenses
  • Pensions
  • Medical benefits

Often, workers complain they are not fully supported by their unions in their claims. If you want the best possible results, turn to a lawyer who is determined to fight on your behalf.

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